Accounting and budget

Assistance for professionals and companies (from every business sector) in the implemantation phase of accounting policies and in preparing the financial statement. Ordinary and extraordinary auditing.

Tax litigation

Evaluation of legal status deriving from checks and investigations by Finance Police, revenue agencies, customs, local government offices and collection agents. Analysis of action strategies.
Assistance and representation at financial offices for checks,  controls, arrangements and conciliations.
Advisory in tax litigation procedures and filings of complaint, and representation in tax courts along all levels of judgment.

Corporate and tax consulting

High quality consulting for companies and professionals  in the execution of ordinary and extraordinary business. Expertise in all phases of corporate finance transactions: acqusitions, divisions, mergers, etc..

Incentives and funding programs

Assistance to professionals and companies in pre-seed, seed and start-up phases of new business. Elaborations of business plans and business development strategies, help in obtaining fundings and advisory in application to local, national and European funding programs.

Labour consulting

Assistance to professionals and companies in procedures related to human resources management: hirings, payroll processing, terminations and labour law advice.